Hey guys, I’m trying to rustle up a new playlist: what is your go-to Destiel song?

01 May 13 @ 4:59 pm  —  reblog
  1. archiought answered: Minnow & Trout by A Fine Frenzy
  2. ineffableanathema answered: Demons- Imagine Dragons
  3. rogers-and-barnes answered: cactus in the valley by lights (cas POV mostly, s6/7/8 based)
  4. obrienatural answered: Angel With A Shotgun
  5. oh-so-pleasant answered: i am eventually going to be working on two destiel playlists, one from dean’s perspective and one from cas’s. the story by brandi carlile btw
  6. applekyungsoo answered: Somewhere Only We Know by Lifehouse (orig. by Keane)
  7. philargitta answered: angel with a shotgun
  8. kaidelmi said: Ho Hey by the Lumineers
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