Women’s History Month: March 2, Lucy Liu

Lucy Liu is an American actress, film producer, and artist…and probably my favorite woman of all time! She’s best known for her roles in Charlie’s Angels, Southland, and Kill Bill, but I’m currently fawning over her portrayal of Joan Watson in CBS’s Elementary (one of the only shows on American tv at the moment with an Asian-American lead).

Television/film awards she’s won include: the Muse Award for New York Women in Film & Televion (2012), two SAG awards for her roles in Chicago and Ally McBeal, and two MTV movie awards for Best Villain (Kill Bill) and  Best On-Screen Team (Charlie’s Angels).

One thing I didn’t know about Liu until recently is what a fabulous artist she is. She specializes in collage, painting, and photography. Don’t believe me? Check it out.

I think people sometimes get the wrong impression when they’re like, ‘Oh, well, so-and-so was straight and then she was gay, and now she’s straight again,’ you know? But it’s like, how many times do I have to kiss a woman before I’m gay? Everybody wants to label people. Sometimes you just fall in love with somebody, and you’re really not thinking about what gender or whatever they happen to be. I think that if I happen to fall in love with a woman, everyone’s going to make a big deal out of it. But if I happen to fall in love with a man, nobody cares. “

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